This was my super awesome fantasmagasmic (new word, sounds weird) breakfast at 4pm because I forget to eat until mid-afternoon, at which point I just eat everything until I go to bed. First I made apple (fresh McIntosh, mah fave) cinnamon and brown sugar buttermilk pancakes (from a box because I’m not that confident in my skills in pacakery), then I made a peanut butter sammich out of two of them (after eating the first two horriblefailurecakes) and then drenched it in syrup. Just the Aunt Jemima crap ‘cause I’m cheap as hell and I don’t know where to (or if I can) find my favourite actual maple syrup in this city. I took so many pictures that it was kinda cold by the time I ate it.

I am a pancake god.

Next time, I’m adding candied bacon.

I write in parentheses a lot.

Posted on October 17, 2012 at 07:51 PM