Itty bitty 7 week old Maila. :3

5 and a half years ago. Agh! She was so freakin adorable! Still is, obviously, with the bonus of her teeth and claws no longer being tiny and razor sharp. :D


Forgot about these. From at my dad’s around Christmas.
One of her worst farts yet.
I laughed at the second one for 5 minutes.

The snow’s up to my knees where it hasn’t been disturbed by the snow-crazed Maila.

Someone’s a little mouthy today.

Fiiinally put some of my pictures from the ice storm up on the blerg. »

I was going to take a picture of how ridiculous my pants look against my sheets, but then dog. She will not leave me alone.

I just got home from being out for 8 hours/FOREVER.

Just messing with Maila for a minute. Cauuuuuse I can.

Maila found a stick.

There’s a cat in the house again. Her name is Moo and she’s been here since Thursday. Maila freaks the fuck out around other animals so Moo’s been hiding out upstairs since she got here. Once my stinky puppy stops charging at her and can interact calmly, all should be well.

Until then I never see the cat and Maila’s always on the verge of losing her insanely energetic mind.

This is Maila. Completely.

As expected, Maila decided it was time for her to be a distraction shortly after that last picture. BUT I finished section one on ye olde revised business plan so HUZZAH! Only 5 sections and a pile of appendices to go!

This is Maila. Exactly.

Maila’s in about a third of the pictures from my camera taken at the BBQ. Eeeeverybody loves my dog. They kept reminding me I had the greatest, most adorable animal of ever and I was all “yeah duh I know.” The people who had never met her before didn’t believe she was 5 what with how she still looks at acts like she’s a year old.

Surprisingly she stayed sat like that for several minutes. Usually she hates it.

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