I fucking suck ass at gardening, but our neighbour’s grape and raspberry plants overflow an excess of deliciousness into our backyard. YAY FREE SNACKS. Fresh blackberries might be my favourite thing ever this summer. And our pear tree is starting to look like it might actually bear some surviving and decently sized fruit this year! Just noticed there’s a pile emerging in the higher branches. File this under one of the many reasons I’m glad I don’t live downtown.

We missed the cherry harvest this year, though. They all fell to the ground in squishy, half-diseased disappointment.

LOOK AT ITS MAJESTY. Mmmmmm sweet delicious brokeass pizza.

So yeah it’s some kinna peppery/oniony/garlicy (just threw seasoning on it) focaccia, jalapeno lime avocado dressing as the “sauce”, marble cheese, bacon, green onion, and pork chop that was seasoned with… Uhh( did that last night)… Tex Mex and Greek spice? Plus slathered with maple chipotle bbq sauce when I cooked it.


Mostly I just microwave cause fuck it.

Some serious stir fry action going on right now.

Finally eating supper. Avocado BLT on poorly cut garlic bread with After Eight hot chocolate. Stoked.

This was my super awesome fantasmagasmic (new word, sounds weird) breakfast at 4pm because I forget to eat until mid-afternoon, at which point I just eat everything until I go to bed. First I made apple (fresh McIntosh, mah fave) cinnamon and brown sugar buttermilk pancakes (from a box because I’m not that confident in my skills in pacakery), then I made a peanut butter sammich out of two of them (after eating the first two horriblefailurecakes) and then drenched it in syrup. Just the Aunt Jemima crap ‘cause I’m cheap as hell and I don’t know where to (or if I can) find my favourite actual maple syrup in this city. I took so many pictures that it was kinda cold by the time I ate it.

I am a pancake god.

Next time, I’m adding candied bacon.

I write in parentheses a lot.

Shitty picture, but NOM. Homemade fries, cheese sauce (pile of shredded cheddar, butter, milk, flour, red pepper flakes, and jalapeno lime avocado salad dressing), tomatoes, and green onion.

(via Luka Riot: Guacamole ALL THE THINGS)

Grilled cheese. Mozza (3 layers), bacon, smoked meat, 1/2 an avocado, and tomato. God is a sammich and I am eating him.

Pork fajitas from a couple weeks ago. Want again. Overstuffing resulted in them not staying closed unless in hands. So fucking messy.

Guac, spinach, bbq pork.

(via Luka Riot: Om Nom Food - Bacon & Egg Potato Salad)

My breakfast today was tasty.

Pilsbury dough, creme cheese, bacon, onion, green onion, cheddar cheese, leftover taco meat, and insane amount of spinach, and more cheddar cheese. NOM.

Happy 420 to those who care.

My breakfast/lunch/supper (I dunno, it’s 4pm, I’ve been up since 830 and this is the first I’ve eaten) is better than yours.

Homemade guac (first time I’ve ever made it myself) on a hot dog with pita chips to dip in the rest of the guac. And a big ol glass of whiskey. NOM.

You wish you were me and Lauren right now.

Homemade guac and red pepper hummus (which later got mixed), sweet delicious pork chops (I am the master at cooking pig), the shittiest movies I own, and some damn fine weed.

Saturday, you awesome.

Fuck yes me. Broccoli and boneless pork chops in some sort of barbequey sauce I made.

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