Up for grabs on Etsy.

Can’t help posting this one constantly. In loooove with this fabric.

3 hours and 350 photos later, I’ve finally updated all of the Hellhound listings. Fuck you Etsy for the uploads taking so long. *grumbles* Decided to abandon watermarks and add more variety as far as where the pictures are taken goes. Pretty happy with how the shop looks now. For the time being.

And now I’mma go lay the fuck down and be lazy ‘cause I’ve been sitting at my computer for 8 hours with barely any breaks.

Sometimes product shoots get boring and then this happens.

(via Rando Calrissian: I might be a bit ridiculous…)

Got some new fabrics recently, one of which being this awesome Star Wars print. Will be making more things in this soon!

It’s a cold ass day for photography. Bout time to figure out some decently lit indoor locations.

Don’t try wire wrapping before eating. Had to redo two of these. :P

Working on all sorts of new stuff. Random day off spent completely busy on other things.

It’s heeeeeeeeeeere!


Just listed.

Definitely need to master the art of tying these damn things (pretty good for a first ever attempt, I think), but sample bow tie is done! Will probably be making a bunch of these soon times.

Getting things all ready for listing.

I tend to look slightly pissed off when I’m not making a ridiculous face. o.O

First sketch I ever did of my Hound. Was part of a business plan assignment in my marketing class in college, which became the basis for mah bidness. :)

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