This is my “I really don’t want to deal with Wordpress right now but this shit needs to get fixed” face. 

Gat damn shit’s all wonky.

Suuuuper classy and accurately depicts our friendship. XD

Things to not do: sporadically spend two days writing only about the first half of a 4 day trip. My account of Day 1 of Rockfest is insanely long. Must condense! And drink what’s left of my booze from it.

Glued to me as if she knows I’m leaving. Cuddle buuuuug. <3

Random urge to put black onto a pair of shorts = ink covered hands.

Okay this is the last one. LOOK HOW CUTE MAILA IS. :3 She’s 5 now (yesterday was her birthday).


The newest addition to Lurganhaus: Layla. That’s three L names here, once again. Damn Zach throws off the pattern. XD

High school best friend, who I hadn’t seen in… many years, came to the partay. It was awesome. 


Yesterday;s BBQ was fucking awesome.


And so ends the spam of my hair dying.

There’s something incredibly high school about having four different colours in my hair and wearing an Alexisonfire sweater. XD Whatever, MY HAIR IS AWESOME. Shoulda maybe mixed more red into the purple but WHO CARES. Colouuuuur. :D The bit that looks yellow is actually a bright-as-fuck green. Think highlighter green, but brighter. Loving it.

It’s hair dye o’clock, muthafuckas!

I wish I had the option of sending someone to the bank in my place. Sooooo lazyyyyy. Also fuck banks.

I’m in an inexplicably good mood today. Not gonna question it, just gonna enjoy the fuck out of it while I can. First round of semi-finals for the Wacken Battle tonight, pile of people are gonna be there. Then Fistful after to join forces with the fucks going to Cannibal Corpse. A handful of which are Kingston folks who are crashing here for the price of whiskey. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s raging hangover.

I think I’m finally starting to pick up the shattered remains of my social life. :D

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