We did iiiiit.

Bunch of us between the high school and industry shows. I am so much awkward.

Pictures are finally starting to surfaaaaaace!

Mah shtuff on the runway.

First 30 seconds is basically nothing (technical difficulties with the production team) and I’m awkward as fuck at the end, but STUFF.

Pre-industry show last night. Busy day was busy.

Best interning evaaaar.

Bidniss curds.

Fuck this fucking shirt up the fucking ass. I want to kill it.


Choosing the poster option rather than mounting a pile of individual things on the backboard for our little portfolio presentation section at the venue. Thank fuck for that. I’m almost done and so far assembly’s only taken 15 minutes. Hardest part is figuring out a new way to describe my inspiration onceafuckinggain. >_<

Muslin for Outfit #3’s shirt. Not done, but yay. Accomplished something significant today.

I am the fucking master at taking up a large amount of space. It’s weird being at school on a weekend and being one of only tenish people here. O.o

Kill it with fire.

Shell is done (minus the shoulder pads). Just gotta sew/attach the lining and put the zipper in. Think I might actually make Friday’s due date if I can figure out the buckle straps.

One stage left to go and this bitch is done. >_<

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